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[15 Jan 2021|03:08pm]


Who: Amelia & Elodie
Where: Sycamore Street
When: Noon, Saturday, June 2nd
Status: Complete

That was very manipulative of you )
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[15 Jan 2021|12:01pm]


Who: Jane and Reza
Where: Joyland Coffee
When: Late morning, Monday, June 4th
Status: Complete

He tells me even less than he apparently tells you )
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[14 Jan 2021|07:53pm]


Who: Reza & Shane
Where: out and about in town, back home
When: Saturday night, June 2
Status: complete

What's gotten into you? )
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[12 Jan 2021|02:24pm]


Who: Miriam and Brianna
Where: The McCarthy House
When: Afternoon, Friday, June 1
Status: Complete

There’s this feeling that I don’t belong )
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[11 Jan 2021|08:58pm]


Who: Rylee and Carson
When: morning, Friday, June 1st
Where: The motel by Cherries
Warning: Turns NFSW
Status: Complete

The hair’s not the only... change. )
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[07 Jan 2021|11:40am]


Who: Jared and Ty and Mama Gaines
When: Sunday, June 3rd, most of the day/evening
Where: Texas!
Status: complete

You really ready to do this, cowboy? )
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